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I hope you didn’t expect to join this organization with the idea that the phone will automatically ring for inspections. Getting the phone to ring is up to you and it takes time, period! I did not receive a phone call for the first 50 days I was in business. Talk about demoralizing. Plus I started the biz in January/February. Then after the first call things started to happen. Was it due to INACHI getting my name out there, probably not. It was due to the fact that I went out and got my name and face in front of buyers, Realtors, bankers, etc. Did INACHI help, you bet! I followed the business success tools, viewed the marketing section of MB, read how other inspectors became a success, joined the local INACHI chapter. Plus I joined the Chamber and a networking group.

INACHI is a great help to those starting out and seasoned inspectors as well. Good marketing plans to use, questions answered from members on a variety of things. Look at all the benefits one can get from this organization listed throughout this Website.

Don’t start putting blame on the organization, start putting in place a plan to succeed and it can happen.