Anybody twittering?

**Anybody twittering? **

No, but I find myself stuttering a little as I age . . .
There was a gal in HS, back in '71, that I wanted to twitter with, tho.

When I was younger I got twitter almost every night, unless I was too drunk or she “had a headache”. :p:p:twisted:

‘twitter’? - beano Signed up a week ago.

Just added you.


Ben, I have tweeted you.

It also helps if you follow us too. ;-}

I have tweeted you.

I’m on twitter- @valerielgreen

I don’t see the point from an SEO standpoint. Google can’t read javascript that you add to your site so it’s not going to pick up the content. If you think the clients will find it cool, then by all means add it. Otherwise I’d stick with blogs.

I never Twitter ,but have made my dates Twitter.
Does that count?

Seriously it is lots of hype and sounds cool but unless your name is Ashton Kruchtner with Billboards all over town asking people to follow you , whats the point.

Takes quite a big ego to think others are caring what you had for lunch.

This is a Computer version of talking to yourself.
Medication may be advised.

I’m twitter-following Osma bin. He had some cold rice for lunch.

Oh wow
You read that too!:smiley:

Now following Ben and Val.

I’m at

It’s my Indian name.

Thanks for clarifying. Thought that was your plan for the weekend. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on twitter also, just not that often…
not sure what my link is though…maybe

yep, that works…

I heard the original URL for Twitter was

and I thought it was “

sheesh, what do I know? :stuck_out_tongue:

On weekends, I go by my porn name: Max Wood!

Hey, Dom, wouldn’t it be a way to drive followers to your site? And couldn’t you re-purpose your blog content onto twitter and vice versa?

Get a buzz going? That sort of thing?