Anybody wanna try an guess what this is?

These infrared cameras never seem to stop amazing me by the things they show me!


A shower stall?

I very much dislike the rainbow template.

I never seem to get used to what it is telling me.

No one will get it without a lucky guess, unless you provide us with some info, throw us a bone.

Filled in door and sidelight with no insulation???

That’s probably the closest I could guess. Looks like the exterior view of a exterior wall above a deck/porch, with the steps going down on the right. Could possibly be damaged siding from a bbq? :neutral:

Is it a roof? Were you at ground level or airborne?

A large aquarium.

Am I correct?

Sorry for the delay!

Shower stall is the correct answer. You can actually see the tub an stall outline to some degree. It was a hot day outside and I had the cold water on in the shower which made it visible.

Once again infrared allowed me to have x-ray vision an see through the wall. < a joke

I believe it’s all about what palette we learn on. I’d imagine the majority of us have 1-2 colors we are comfortable with an stick with for the most part. I sorta screwed myself in the beginning by learning everything with the rainbow palettes an rarely using anything else. Now I’ve become sorta reliant on rainbow. Sometimes I’ll use Ironbow or Blue-Red but I’ll always double check everything with rainbow to confirm.

Why limit yourself to one color when you can have them all? I’m still speaking of Infrared, not women…:smiley:

Mr Currins was correct (post #2)

What did I win? :mrgreen:

He’s Morman, what do you think? :twisted:

John’s mutilated baby pictures.:twisted:

Linas, thanks for confirming that it was in fact a “baby” and not fetal tissue. Nice to have you on the pro-life team.

He’ll never turn loose of those. :wink:

You can’t have it both ways boys:

— You either believe it is a human baby in which case the PICs are horrible.


— You believe it is just tissue in which case the PICs of medical waste shouldn’t bother you.

If you don’t agree it is a baby, it shouldn’t offend you.

I’m not telling you what your beliefs should be, I’m only saying that you can’t hold both beliefs simultaneously.

Excuse me, Nick,

We are on the InterNachi MB.

Anything is possible here!!!

Just sayin’.