Anyone a member of TPREI? I'm negotiating a speaking gig there.

If we have a lot of dual members who would attend, I’d be much more inclined to come down for an eve.

Yes, I am a member of the Houston Chapter of TPREIA.

Cool. I might be coming down. I have a construction project that I have to get dried in before subs take over, but as soon as that is done, I’m going to head down to TX and back, hitting 6 or 7 cities on the way and doing evening events (marketing for inspectors).

Well we meet on the 4th Tues at 6:30pm for some good mexican food. I think you would enjoy our group. Typically 30-40 inspectors show up.

I’m speaking there on August 16.

Where in Houston / Up by the Woodlands or somewhere else.

they usually meet @
N.side between 610 & 10, W. of 45

we’ll be further south on the beach

When in Houston we NEVER go south of the Woodlands … Humidity & All