Anyone believe in 12212012 (end of Myan calendar)?

One year countdown.

So when’s the Christmas party next year? :stuck_out_tongue:

I give the Middle East less than a year before it completely melts down.

Yes, I believe that the so-called Mayan calander system will end in one year. That is all that this means.

No, I do not think that Time, the world or civilization will end then, and the Mayans never said that. Only foolish people believe that, because they didn’t read the full facts.

Hope this helps;

Or until the Israelis finally settle this issue.

I don’t think they’ll have to. I know you know more about that region than I do but here is what I think will happen. I believe a Muslim Holy war is about to break out with Iraq being ground zero, Iran going in to fight with the Shi’a, Saudi Arabia going in to fight with the Sunni & Turkey going into fight with the Kurds, and this is just for starters.

On another note they all (Middle East Countries) know that if they attack Israel that it will be considered as an attack on the United States. But if Israel want to attack Iran, have at it.

That will surely stimulate the economies of alot of countries with gun and ammo sales.

One of my aims over the holiday period is to go to this exhibit at the ROM in Toronto.

Mayan exhibit

It looks extremely interesting, and I for one enjoy these exhibits immensely, the last one we went to, the Terracotta warriors, sparked an interest in archaeology in my littlest girl, which was amazing as my eldest who has always wanted to be an archaeologist until recently always thought her little sister was going to be a beach bum. LOL.

No I don’t believe that next year is the end, but in terms of the mayan calender the end of a cycle.

No preppers then?

Do you believe Nick? If so whats your plan of action? The end was nigh on the day before my birthday this year, I was planning a big bash until they cancelled that one too…

I do. I think the grid is going to go down for 3 weeks in 2012. You heard it here first.

What are your sources, provide evidence, let us argue it endlessly, until that very day, just to say, “huh, Nick was right!” LOL :slight_smile:

If the entire grid were to go down it would take more like 3 years to restore it. The only way to be prepared for this type of scenario is to be off of the grid (solar, wind or water power) when it goes down. Also you would need to have the ability to grow your own food and be sure you’re heavily armed.

Holywood is bound to have a good time with it:D

The earth and human civilization will last at least 1007 years longer according to the Bible. That said, I may be raptured at any time.

Just curious, what is going to cause the grid to go down? Solar Flare? earthquake? Nuke? Overuse? A blown fuse:p? What…

the Mayans had no way to predict a cataclysmic event. but, maybe, the aliens who visited them did.

I recently added my Big list to the bottom of
I’m looking for suggestions for additions to it.

You planning on bringing it down yourself? :wink:

How do you figure that?