Anyone come across boobytraps?

Watch out when you open a door

hope no relation to McHammer…
always check grind chamber of disposals b4 turning on
during the foreclosure meltdown up until 2 yrs ago found live rounds of different caliber or shotgun shells @ different properties

Nope, no relations Bear. My family wasn’t that far off the rocker. LOL

Found a old loaded shotgun in the attic tucked behind a chimney recently. Homeowner did not know it was there.

Just remember…
BoobyTrap spelled backward is PartyBoob.

Carry On Inspectors, Carry On.


Kevin, I was having a tough day and, between you and Jim McKee, it is turning around.

Thanks for the chuckles, guys. :joy:

Just remember that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family and it’ll be fine. LOL! :smile:

Anyone come across boobytraps?

Yes several decades ago at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Dallas, Texas! :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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And now Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy:

If you ever find yourself caught in a Boobytrap and wonder, “Hey, how did I get stuck in this Boobytrap?”, you have to realize your a total Booby.

I had one many years ago. The copper was gutted from whole house including the ac lines.
The realtor was trying to get the lights on at the panel. All the breaker were in the panel.
The main panel service conductors were laid in the panel as to when it was remove they would hit the dead front. I had my suspicions so I wore my heavy gloves. When I open it they hit the dead front with a large flash and a loud boom. (200 amp service).
Scared the shit out of the realtor. The power company was still at the pole and shut the power down. They should have never connected it in the first place.
Someone wanted to kill me…
True story!


He probably watched that episode on Chicago PD and thought what a good idea!