Anyone created a Home Inspectors Electrical Check List

Now that it has been mentioned… Home Inspectors Electrical Check List

Has anyone created one?

Things we all should not forget to point out.

GFCI & GFCI protected recepticles at Kitchen counters
GFCI in Bathrooms
AFCI in bedrooms (as new safety regulation)
Zinsco, FPE (Fedral Pacific) Breaker Panels
Double Tapping

Something with a nice description of what each item is as well and why they are issues to look out for. Reason to have a licensed quilified electrical contractor to inspect or correct issues.

Myself, I didn’t know about the problem with FPE & Zinsco untill I started reading these boards.

After reading some of these boards I think it would be wise to point out in every inspection something about ceiling fan braceing. We may not be able to see if they are braced properly but we all know that most people don’t have them braced properly. Most people think a metal box is all you need. That just isn’t true! The two little threded screw holes can not support the weight & vibration of a fan.

Just some thoughts.

Already working on one Jason…Should be ready in a few days.

Paul where will this list be available?

I have a checklist from a previous position with a Franchise company that I will try to scan and post here if I can find it… then you call can adapt or trash as needed… :wink:


Thanks Jeff I’ll be looking for that.

Also, Joe Tedesco has a publication called “Basic Checklists for Building Electrical Inspections” that is $15 - all proceeds go to teh NACHI foundation and can be ordered through NACHI.

I have it and have already found it helpful.

Yes, it is good reference material.

I was but so many were working on one I figured why spend time on it so I believe a few have been posted…

I cant seem to post the pdf file of the Electrical form… email me and I will send it to you… don’t PM, please email.

for some reason the file 856 kb is too large???

Russell, when i click on the link you posted i get a page saying i don’t have permision to access it. is that cuz you set it up for members only (that’s cool if you did) and i’m not a member??

Jay, I didn’t put it there, that’s just where it’s posted by its author. But yes, you are right - sorry, it’s in M.O. area.
C’mon aboard!


once i recover (financialy) from my wifes hospital stay, x-mas, and get my van lettered, i will. thanx Russ.

In the meantime, I hope you are gathering some good info toward those $ goals, Jay!

absolutly Russell. i can honestly say that i’ve learned as much on this board as i have in the past 5 years preparing for this buisiness. Yes i said 5 years, most of it working for a very picky G.C. and former (no longer in practice) construction engineer/forman. and a few skattered years doing commercial construction, reading many sea B. manuels, and steadily doing a full time job as a head maintenance tech for a co. that owns and rents over 3000 apartments (full 5 years at that one and still…till my business takes my full time.)

It really is an amazing place, here; I was a member for about 10 months before I even starting investigating this board seriously. Then I kicked myself for all the time I wasted!

It seems that I come away with a new bit of knowledge, every day, to use in my business or marketing. I love it!

that’s so true Russ. it’s like having a huge orginization meeting every night of the week. just put in your question, and wait for hands to pop up. everyone talks one at a time, no one talking over anyone, and if you don’t like it or ya know it’s gonna be boring, just scroll down to the next post. i love it.

And, if you get really tired of one thread, you “gong” them with the unsubscribe link!!!:smiley: :smiley: