Anyone do hot yoga?

My first week at it.

I started hot yoga to help me with my surfing and I’ve been to about a dozen sessions. It’s a very intense workout and I noticed results after only 3 sessions. The studio I go to uses radiant panels in the ceiling which gets the room up to about 110 and I don’t think I’ve ever quite sweat that much. I really don’t recommend hot yoga to anyone with heart problems.

Yes, it is called crawling through an attic in Florida during the summer! :slight_smile:

I bet it is. LOL

I’ve been doing to a naked hot yoga class for 3 weeks now.
I get’s a little embarrassing sometimes when I have to partner with a hot babe and, well nevermind.

I’m in the same boat as Eric:D

Nick are we going to get a “hot” pick. :shock:

I don’t want to see any pictures of you guys in your yoga outfits.

Same here. Gets so hot up there that I actually feel faint at times. Especially when you keep finding issues that need notation and you feel like you are never getting out of that attic.

What he said.

Totally Agree, These attics are brutal down here in the summer. :frowning:

What can I say !

You guys are too funny. LOL!!

I would rather have my a s s beat by 10 guys then go do anything to sweat on purpose.

Come do wind mits this summer down here you bend, fold, lean, stretch and crawl around in 120+ heat. sounds the same to me.

Except you are crazy enough to pay FOR it.