Anyone else experience chest pains in crawlspaces?

I can swim 50 spm for an hour w/3 1 minute stops, no problem. Speed walk non-stop for 12km up and down hills no problem. But staying hunched over in a crawlspace and my chest starts to hurt in 2-3 minutes. Stops when I straighten up. anyone else have this happen?

Kenton, I really hope you have talked to your doctor about this already and not just us!
Could be any number of things, but talk to your physician about your bod, your auto mechanic about your car and me, of course, about inspecting your mansions! :wink:

Great advice thanks

Sounds like it is musculoskeletal in origin. I would visit a Chiropractor for some spinal adjustment. You would be surprised at the pain caused by muscle cramps due to a misalignment that is exacerbated in certain positions.

Many people do not like or believe in Chiropractic care but I go monthly and it keeps me limber for crawlspaces and attics.

And I have never stayed at a Holiday Inn Express… :wink:

Could simply be muscle spam and/or labored breathing caused.
When was the last time you got an EKG?
Perhaps you should get one now!

I appreciate your concern. Kinda hard to find good doctors down here who speak English. And in the US. Last time I was in Boulder they wanted $600 for a treadmill test, which is pretty much like the swimming test. I don’t have a problem running, walking fast, or swimming hard for long periods. And I don’t have insurance, so I’m not going to spend a lot of money on a test unless I have reason to think the result will be useful.
I thought maybe someone else had experienced this and could give me a better idea about where to start.

Feels more like a heart or lung thing. I had back problems for years (carpenter) that involved muscle spasms, but since I quit pounding nails, back’s OK :). So I remember what muscle spasms felt like.

Blood pressure.

Do you drink a lot of caffein? Happens to me when I drink too much of it.

Ok, Kenton, you are concerned about your health, correct?

Please do not consult home inspectors about this.

Consult physicians.

Or not.

Your choice.

Sounds more like a tightness in the chest there Kenton. Time to start considering that your heart is a muscle. Take a small dose aspirin daily is the cheapest advice. When you are back in the states have a thorough evaluation by a qualified and licensed professional(s). That’s a disclaimer.

Yeah, thanks guys. I kick *** on certain types of workouts, it’s just specific positions that make me feel bad.

Sounds like anxiety. Are you claustrophobic?

No. I’m not anxious in confined spaces. Comfortable, in fact. It’s just being hunched over that does it.

Do you visit Notre Dame much? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, Tom’s advice is good…you’re worth it, Kenton. :slight_smile:

“Amnesty!” ouch, “Amnesty!” ouch ouch…

[size=3]Thank you Larry. Next time I’m back in CO I’ll check it out further, but I don’t really know what kind of specialist to see. “Heart” specialist covers a lot of territory and none of them care what you spend or whether they provide you with anything useful. That’s my take.

Except for that particular condition, I’m in good shape. I eat well and exercise every day.

Kenton, ask for a calcium test. It is a cat scan for plaque build up in your heart. It saved my life and it only cost me $50 here in Green Bay. I recommend it to anyone that has any heart problems in their family. Let me know if you need more information. Test take about 15 minutes. Thanks, John

They have FREE clinics almost everywhere here in the states.

You could have a rib out, you could be misaligned. You won’t necessarily have any type of muscle spasm, it could be a pinched nerve along the lines of stenosis that is caused by POSITION. The longer you leave joints and bones in the wrong position, the muscles learn the position and then it takes multiple trips. Wait and pay the price.

Chiropractic care is much less expensive than a Medical Doctor in both countries.

I think Stephen’s right when you’re hunched over you are tightening muscles in your back that that pushs on nerves going to your organs and you’re most likely experiencing the start of acid reflux.

Welcome to old age.