anyone else get this linkedin notification...



Yes I did

Yes but mine said 1%, not really sure the point?

I did also

Celebrating their 200 millionth member… acknowledging you as a part of their success.

Nope not me :frowning:

The next email may be about their upgraded plan $$$.

I Did. Said top 5%

Mine as well…

Being older, it is amazing how people get scammed these days. It is a virtual world; not a real one. Many view it that way. Makes one wonder what the future holds, in a non-real world.

The future is bright :slight_smile:

Same here Barry! Almost full Profile strength also.:smiley:
Next they will have a loyal Professional Status after you support them on the advanced LinkedIn.

yes, not sure what it helps, except folks see my posts.

you can send direct emails to people without them being connections- if you upgrade. Thats the only benefit I can see.

Linked-In is doing well financially. They want more paying subscribers.

Agreed Linas and they will need much more than what they are offering for me to part with my money.:smiley:

Another guy I went to school with just received one for being in the top 5%.