Anyone ever deal with spring house water supply system

(Darren Tews, P.E., C.M.I.) #1

How deep did you get into it? Have a client with a neglected spring house system. Structures are all on a 99 year covenant (they’d own everything constructed, including water supply and septic, and the Audubon Society leases them the land itself). So they’d be responsible for upkeep. Home currently has a 15-ish year old UV and bottle system for treatment. Spring house was constructed in 1800. I have my recommendations all set, but wondering how deep into to the weeds have you gone (comment on the structures? Cistern? Water source itself? etc). Thanks

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #2

This could get very awkward .I would transfer this to a water specialist . You could be coming back various times in the year.,

(Darren Tews, P.E., C.M.I.) #3

That’s what I recommended. We have a good treatment company in the area that can help them soup to nuts. I’m also recommending that the overgrowth get cut back, the door fixed, and all the debris removed from the interior. Looks like the squirrels made a nice home in there.