Anyone ever had any dealings with

Lease inspections, out of Salt Lake City Utah?

I have done work for them in the past. Pay is not the greatest but they pay on time.

Thanks Hank. Anyone else, good or bad dealings?

They pay on time.

Thank you Carmine

I do some for them. A few per year at best for me.

I do not do many for them either but when I do they pay on time like I said.

I did 8 for them last year. No problems

I’ve been working with Lease Inspection for almost two years now. A very, very good organization: lots of work which we did to and from home inspections. I took the first one two years ago just to see what it was like, and because it was in a desirable area where I like to go and buy jalapeno bread and fresh Julian Peach/Applie crumb crust pies. Up until July 1, 2007, I let my employees do these because they were so easy and I always gave the money to them as a perk but I pay the taxes on it. Now I have to do them myself but I don’t do as many because I’m so busy with property investors, Referral Rewards clients, and Realtors who specialize in foreclosures, short sales, and distressed properties. Although I cover all of San Diego County for them, I only do something for them when I’m going to be in that area anyway. They don’t seem to have a problem with that because they always come back for more. I get at least two calls a week from them, and at their standard pay of $50 for my area, if I took all those calls, it would be an extra $10,400, which could pay for a lot of marketing in other areas that pay even more.

They are at Tell Jenny, Terrie, or Jim that Russel Ray in San Diego sent you.

They are great. But do not turn down an inspection as they go to the next person and may not ever come back to you.