Anyone ever inspect a housing community like this?

Clothing optional pool to increase sales?


Sounds stupid to me but then Ive been wrong once or twice before. Personally, I would not drop that kind of money just to get a look at someone’s “particulars” when I can just go the local beach if that is how I got my jollies. We have a nudist camp just down the road from my house which is secluded from view. I recently did a home inspection for a member and had to deliver the report there the next day. I did not go in but they came to the front office. Judging from the folks I saw walking around in their clothes, I ain’t interested. Lot of old saggy looking folks I don’t believe I want to see “nekkid”.

Unfortunately, the ones you’d like to see naked, never are.

you mean a gated community?

And the ones that you don’t are.:mad:
I was going to insert a pic but its too early for that.

clothing has always been optional in my shower at home …of course my wife prefers it when I throw my clothes down the laundry chute so She can wash those separately…women are soo picky,…jim

In Canada we call that indecent exposure…damn laws.

Really in Ontario woman have the right to bare thier breasts as long as they do not act or bounce them in a sexuall manner