Anyone ever move a house?

My husband and I bought a balloon construction house for one dollar. The catch was we had to move it off the property. Due to the cost of moving the wires, we took off the roof and the second story. We are moving the house this Sunday, March 29, 2009. The second story walls were cut off with a sawsall just above the porch roof and are on a trailer waiting to be put back on. Our plan is to brace the walls with metal brackets and two by fours. Do you have any other suggestions?

Someone please give this nice lady a few tips.

Yes, Hire a house moving contractor

…before you cut the house in half and wonder how to brace it.

Sorry, but it is like that TV commercial where the surgeon tells the guy, with the dumbfounded look on his face, to make the incision in himself just below the fourth rib…

Using someone that knows what they are doing on a big project like moving a house would be wise. The house can fall on you or someone else, liability insurance, etc.

If they DO have a moving contractor, Why ask us questions?? I hope they do have one…
I have seen a few moved, been involved (mildly) in one move. Its TONS of work. Unless you REALLY love your house, or its a great deal, its not such a hot deal:)

Ok so you guys have no idea.

Was hoping to catch Marcel.

Jeez Bob, it’s only been 4 hours since your post. Most of us here do have a life, ya know!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you should have emailed or called him directly, since we are obviously not good enough for you!!! :p:p

So, since you hurt all our feelings, I won’t be giving you the answere to your question!!! :p:p:p

Fine… Defer to a qualified architect/structural engineer/contractor!!! :twisted:

Now thats what I call a typical HI answer.:mrgreen:

Thank you, thank you very much! :D:D:D

I will have her call a structural engineer ,roofer ,HVAC tech and a plumber.

Thats what they pay us for right?:shock:

Didn’t they have a show on moving homes and other structures on discovery channel?

The very first step is to get hold of a company that has expertise in jacking and lifting structures intact. They will have the information that is needed for these folks. It is too involved for here.

Now that they have the POS on a trailer, take it to the nearest landfill. Can you imagine what it looks like if they got this far and they need some expert help now???


Actually, I’ve been involved in 20 to 25 house moves but it is not something I would want to try to describe to a novice how to do over the internet.

My tips to this nice lady stands. :slight_smile:

She may have been looking for some kind of extra helpful hint such as what to expect that has not been covered by the mover.
I see Barry tried to post an this old house video that came out wrong, and I had to delete it.

Tell them to watch “Mega Movers” on the discovery channel. They show a lot of interesting moves.

Send us the pictures of the house and where exactly the structure was cut and I will gladly engineer a repair over the message board. If that is a problem get an Engineer on-site to evaluate and devise repair/re assembly plan.

Be sure to let her know that depending on where they are moving the house, they may need to get a special permit from the Highway Dept. to block the road while moving the house (if it takes up the entire road, which I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t). With the permits, law enforcement will be required to block traffic during the move, perhaps avoiding a nasty accident.