Anyone focus exclusively on 4 Points and Wind Mit?

Just curious if anyone here in Florida focuses mostly on 4 Points and Wind Mitigation inspections.

Dennis Bonner does more than insurance, but he does perform tons of them.

There are some who do more than others but I don’t think anyone solely does them and no regular inspections.

A bit more reason why you ask would help to better answer.

He is actually the one who got me interested in pursuing these more aggressively than average. I’ve watched a bunch of his YouTube videos and his recent InterNACHI webinar.

Dennis & wife are cool!
He refers me for mold assessments.

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Hello Mr Parmer, In my rough draft business plan I have about 3 or 4 phases. Right now I’m in Phase 1 which is just purely the educational part. I finished the CPI requirements and am pretty close to finishing the remainder of the 120 hours for the state exam eligibility. The next phase is going to be trying to get work experience while still keeping my full time job. I won’t be ready to retire from that for a minimum of 4 years. Since 4 points and Wind Mits require less time to complete than a full pre-purchase inspection I was thinking that focusing mainly on those for a few years would allow me to gain experience and still make it home in time for my kids football practice and dinner with the family. My shift ends at Tampa International Airport everyday at 1230 so that would give me a few hours every afternoon to knock out a 4 point or Wind Mit. That was a tad long winded. I apologize.

Brett, now that’s a PLAN! WMs & 4-Pt will certainly put some spending money in your pocket and get you ‘some’ experience! Are you an A&P guy or another trade at the airport? Do you have your insurance planned out yet? Get some quotes for that and figure out what tools you need up front. The high end equipment is not required but helps quite a bit like a somewhat mid-grade thermal. Give me a call if you want to chat about some stuff… I am a newer startup as well and may have some info you can use for the area and job.

I’ll definitely take you up on that phone call when I get a little further along. Once I finish the required classes I’m planning to get drone and thermal imaging certifications, and possibly mold. Although I heard mold insurance is very expensive. I’ve got some quotes for liability insurance which seem reasonable. At the airport I actually work for the TSA. Been with them for almost 16 years now.

Gotcha. Definitely get that retirement elegibility before you leave! The 4 more years is worth the long term stress relief knowing it’s there when you can start receiving it.

As for the Part 107… it’s not hard to study for and by the time you get it things will be completely different given the changes coming down. It’s a good addition for the business though. I definitely can give you some good info on that part for sure. First homework… learn what GeoFencing is… and understand the steps to get past it if your drone has that feature.

First piece of advice for this job given the advent of Home Inspector forums and pages… too many newbies seek answers on the forums rather than research. You learn through research… then you ask to clarify or understand better. The only dumb question on a forum is one you haven’t researched yourself first. That’s my opinion though.

Good luck in your studies… if you have questions don’t hesitate to call. Everything can be learned with patience!

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I’ve been looking at a lot of pricing and most seem to range between $80 and $120 for stand alone wind mit or 4 points. Outliers on the low end are $50 and up to $150 on the high end. The common theme is that $100 seems to be right in the middle. Do you think $99 is a good price to charge?

I was at $125 when I started and went down to $99 to get more work. After crawling in hot attics and realizing how difficult it can be sometimes to get the shots you need knowing the client has the right stuff installed but you only charged $99… it just wasn’t worth the money! I raised mine back to $125 and will not go back down. You have to learn to ask the right questions about a Wind Mit as well.

Advice #2… ask if the attic is spray foamed!

Start at $99 to get some jobs and experience. After you feel comfy… raise ‘em!!!

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If you are in Tampa, especially north Tampa, when you are ready you should give “My Safe Home Inspections” a call. They are a very good company and will let you work your way in.
I have been covering parts of the State for them for 10 years now and you could not find a better bunch of people to work with. You will be an IC and have to carry your own liability, but you just tell them what days you can cover and they will schedule you. They do mainly Wind Mits and four points with some roof certs as well and the occasional Full Home.
Ask for Lauren and tell her that Will referred you.
Four Points are my least favorite inspection to do, especially these days when you go into some nice old grannies home who is living on a fixed income and you find a Federal Pacific/Sylvania/Challenger/Zinsco panel, Poly, Galv, Cast Iron piping and an 18 year old roof and when you are done she asks you if she passed:(

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You don’t “know” the client has the right stuff until you get the picture.IMG_8547

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Thank you for the tip William. I appreciate it.