Anyone friends with celebrity spokesperson? We're looking to build online commercials

… and we want to create a series of “I had my home inspected by an InterNACHI inspector” online video ads.

We’ll come to the celebrity’s home, shoot a few minutes of video showing off their home, and a end with the celebrity saying one line: “I had my home inspected by an InterNACHI inspector.

We have a $300K budget and we’re looking for as many as 5 different celebrities for as many as 5 different online video ads.

If you know a celebrity (actor, musician, or other well-known person), please put us together.

His cousin Chuck is my assistant.
Just chiming in, not exactly well known unless you’ve seen Jackass the Movie, Ripley’s Believe or Not, America’s Got Talent, been on Jay Leno a few times.

Good if you want a bunch of cobras or alligators in the house to inspect. :slight_smile:
Don’t think it would be appealing to potential buyers.
Just posting for the hell of it.

I’m thinking more on the lines of B-list sports figures.

So, how much does the celebrity get for saying it?

I mean, I do live in Los Angeles after all. :lol:

I’d like to not pay more than $50K for 20 minutes work. It’s all dependent on how well-known they are. I could do with a fairly unknown pro-sports figure (for probably much less money) if we identify him/her. Example: “Hi, I’m gold medalist bla bla bla and I had my home inspected by an InterNACHI inspector.

I don’t personally know Kevin Durant # 34 Thunder he would be a well known person but I do thermal imaging for the Thunder team practice building and have a contact e-mail

Just a thought…

Why not use actual customers? Disclaimer that they were not compensated for the ad. I’m sure someone would do it if we threw in a free inspection with all the bells and whistles.

Wouldn’t you need to actually do an inspection before having them say that? Not just shoot 20 minutes of video.


How about an inspection crash? 4-5 inspectors on site, film it all. Nothing above a normal inspection…

Seems like it wouldn’t be to hard to find someone famous, who blew their money and would be glad to make $50k in 20 min. How about getting involved in one of those flipping shows? If not on the show would certainly be a good place to run an ad.

I can get the little girl in this ad to do it or something simular. She is 8 now and even cuter. She is the Aveeno sunblock little girl.
As for sports Tim Tebow would be my choise.

He is around here very often.

Greg Neff suggests:

Excellent thinking. Done. I’ll pay for the inspection if:

  1. The consumer lets us shoot them all smiley faced saying “We had our home inspected by an InterNACHI inspector.”
  2. The inspector gets me the 15 seconds of footage.

I don’t personally know of any actors but my cousin is a movie director among other things in the video world.

You should just film a flash mob of home inspectors, inspecting a house while you are at the NV Convection. There must be an INACHI inspector that can book an inspection, then you bring in 100 guys all wearing INACHI swag and film the mayhem.

You would get millions of hits on youtube

Lol… I like it!

Excellent! Increasing awareness to all!

Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, and THE WORLD will KNOW InterNACHI! The momentum has only just begun!

I have a connection with Colin Kaepernick, but his schedule might be tough. If interested, let me know and I can pursue.

Im pretty sure Aaron Hernandez has some time available…

I know a fella named Thornbury…not sure how famous he is but he might be willing to do one.