Anyone get my snail mail today?

We sent out a letter via USPS to all Florida members that promotes the upcoming

Just wondering if anyone got it.

Got it two days ago.

i saw something come in but did not open it. I got something last week with a door on a flyer and a paper listing or many benefits.

Quit wasting money. Spend it here instead.

I does give me something to read in the mornings after my coffee :slight_smile:

I just looked and found nothing. So I guess I have NOT received it.

I have to promote the upcoming FL Convention and snail mail works.

Got it, thanks

Well I must admit it. Now at least 3 members know about it.
Save you cash. Buy gold instead :slight_smile: quit killing trees :slight_smile:

Snail Mail Is Dead

Nick, We received it Thank you!

Many do not realized or appreciate all you do.

Got it yesterday, thanks Nick

got it Saturday and another duplicate yesterday. won’t make the convention though. getting radon cert same dates. nice brochure!

I got one on Saturday and another on Monday as well.

I looked in my mail box & I was wondering what that was…
It’s not a bill or junk mail… what is this triangular envelope thingy…?
I was almost afraid to touch it, it’s been so long since I received an actual letter.
Then when I opened it, I was relieved to find out it was your letter.
Nice brochure, very professional looking.

Got mine Saturday !

Got it

Got it, thanks!

You must be referring to the letter with the 2 complimentary conf. registrations enclosed. Thanks!

I received mine Nick, Thanks