Anyone Going Out-of-Business...

that may have a CRM they are trying to sell…if so email me at

What’s a CRM? If I knew what it was, I might have one since I used to have nine employees working for me.

Continuous Radiation Monitor

Check out e-bay. I got an OK deal on SUN recently. Only before you actually commit, be sure to get the calibration records for the monitor ahead of time. New calibration is going to cost you another $100 or more.

Mark, I am looking for more than one, as of yesterday there were none listed on EBAY when I checked… I understand about calibrations…I have been around for awhile…

Radiation as in radon? Nuclear radiation?

In any event, all types of radiation were/are outside the scope of my property assessments, so I don’t have one.

I have an extra IR thermometer.

Yes Russel, RADON. Sheesh!

Don’t they have Radon n CA?

How much do you want for the IR thermometer RR?

Not down here. If you look at the radon map, I think San Diego County ranks #10,000 out of 10,000 counties.

I haven’t a clue. Make me an offer I can’t refuse. It’s an Alltrade and comes with its cute little strap and carrying case. Requires a 9-volt battery, which is included.

I meant no offense… When I bought mine, although I still got an ok deal, but I didn’t think about calibration. (Wasn’t that I didn’t know it, I just didn’t think about it.) So I didn’t end up getting as great a deal as I expected. That’s why I brought it up.

Keep checking back at e-bay though. I checked there, found nothing. Posted here, and about a week later someone on the board pointed me to a new e-bay listing.

I am just being cranky, no offense was taken…we are :cool:

Well Pat stop being so cranky:p How have you really been not talked in a while.

You’re lucky. In Illinois as of 1-1-08 every property transaction, up to 4 units, will require the seller, purchaser, and agent to sign a disclosure statement acknowledging either the elevated levels of radon or the receipt of an IEMA approved radon Disclosure Pamphlet.

And only .0001% of my inspections have brick exteriors, wood exteriors, or basements.

Well hell Charlie, that really takes the fun out of it - plus what can I do with a sunny personality - people wouldn’t know what to do with me :wink: . Have been doing okay, trying to get a Farm/Ranch inspection scheduled, Farm Credit Bank in Chanute called yesterday to get an inspection done…so I am scheduling my sub-contractors…which by-the-way is not a heck-of-a-lot fun trying to get accomplished…Geologists-the ultimate in dirt sniffers…:stuck_out_tongue:

You keeping busy…?