Anyone going to ASHI InspectionWorld in Atlanta?

Cause it’s in my backyard this year!

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to ASHI’s annual conference.

They got a pretty good education line up this year. I’m really eye balling the Home Energy Professional Certification Course. They’ve not stated how much the course it yet but… think it’s for the BPI certification. James B. you may know more about this. If so, let me know.

Also there is a Basic of Infrared Thermography for H.I by the Snell Group, thinking of taking that one. Also thinking about John M.'s course… not sure.

Anyways, not sure if iNACHI has a national conference this year, or any in the past few years? But, if anyone is attending let me know. I do have some room to stay if needed :slight_smile: