Anyone going to watch Floyd Mayweather win again?

Go Floyd!

I think your wrong , not enough spirit to win

I’m really hoping the Pac man pulls it off.

He has the heart for it

Heart isn’t enough. You have to have to think like a winner and Floyd thinks like a winner. Manny is a better fighter and tougher, but Floyd will win, as he should.

Floyd is a wife beating criminal. Who in there right mind would actually root for him! He is a punk and should be begging on the street not making $180 million!

You are forgetting who supports Taliban boy buggerers.

If that’s true I agree.

Served jail time! Arrested 5 Times. All true!

And won 48 fights in a row.

I have to collect on a lot of bets tomorrow.

Fight was rigged.
Mayweather lost.

It wasn’t a pageant…

Pacquiao landed 81 punches.
Mayweather landed 148.

He hit his wife. He was wrong. I see your point but it’s not like he attacked/invaded two smaller countries that had nothing to do with 911 killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people or anything. Cheney is still free and Obama is still president, despite them both being war criminals. Mayweather did prison time and has asked for forgiveness.

I do not believe that stat.everyone at my party booed. Mayweather looked like wimp out there.

Maybe his next opponent can come up with a new blueprint to win… something other than the previous 48 blueprints.

Yeah better payment to the Mafia.

Same here. Everyone here wanted/thought Pacquiao would win… except me. I only wish I had made more bets.