Anyone got leads on good weather seal for doors

I had warranty inspection today and all the doors are leaking air and water. Owner asked what she could do
It has a large over hang but wind was driving the water into the doors there is about 11 double doors on this home.
Builder may not be much help on this one he file bankruptcy


Was the water leaking under the doors or the sill plate?

Under the door around the side and the top
I did the Home inspection a year ago and warned about this they adjusted the doors and by eye looked sealed but water still coming in. 800.000 home
Plus water is going down onto the sill Plate in another part from the porch it is not going to good for sure

Couldn’t find any US water leakage ratings in a quick web search. The US National Fenestration Council seems only concerned with energy gains/losses, etc. Canada has the CSA A440 Standard in its code in which all windows must be tested to meet at least the minimal requirements for water/air leakage and structure. Here’s a bit of an intro from a window company:

I would look for some Foamguard weatherstripping for the sides. The bottom corners may need more than this! If they were not tested for wind driven water leakage in an environmental chamber and re-designed as necessary, there may be not a lot that can be done with the existing doors excpet to install storm doors as a wind/rain break!!

Sounds like there’s no drip cap on top of the door, allowing water to go behind the door frame. Was there J channel around the outside of the door or was it a new construction type where the J is built in?

This is a very stupid design!!


New construction And another problem the doors where made only for this sub division
over hang on the front was 8 foot porch There water was running in when i was there
When i was there first it was back in FEB during a ice storm with winds it sounded like a wind tunnel

I agree to many double doors Hard to seal It was built for looks not for energy saving
She said never again

The bottom of those exterior doors should have a “sweep” that compresses down onto the threshold when closed. The sweep is a series of rubber fins or baffles that if and when one fails the next one stops (and the next) the wind and water as well as crawly vermin. After a few years the rubber wears out or rots and the seal becomes less effective. The weather seals around the door can be easily replaced with new from any home center. Comes in long strips that with a soft compression roll and a hard spline that slips inside a slot around the door frame. Those too begin to fail with age and the frigging cats love to claw them and tear at the stuff. The idea is to stop the water outside before it ever gets to the interior of the home.

Sweeps are on, Most of the water is coming down the sides at entering at the corners
They have adjusted them several times only opening another gap somewhere else . I suggested removing some of the doors and replacing with windows. (Not a option) The doors are never used. I also said to seal all around the door using a high quality weather seal . They just need to stop the water coming in or i fear more serious issues are coming.

How do you get a drip cap or Z flashing to work in the top horizontal U channel? All the water collected from above the window/door is channelled to the sides. Water that runs down side J-channels does not all drain to the outside of the vinyl/metal siding unless you use a special piece of flashing behind the window/door nailing fin!!!

Here’s some good installation instructions from Pella