Anyone had experience with PMII?

I am looking to get mold certified. I can’t seem to find any live courses in my area. I found Professional Mold Inspection Institute online and their courses look pretty good. Before I spend $599 for Residential and Commercial inspections and mitigation I was wondering if anyone had experience with these folks.
p.s. I thought it would be a good fit with my Thermal Imaging camera which is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

Training by Indoor Environmental Standards organization is the best training in mold that I have taken so far. You got to join IAQA to take the class, which I am no longer a member of, because they brag about their selves as being the best mold organization which is not true. I hate organizations who lie and take your money. Now they are talking about reducing the credit hours to stay a member. How can you be the best organization if you reduce the education? They are just after the money. But IESO is a good organization.

PMII, not familiar with. May I suggest you take as many classes as you can. ESA, Environmental Solutions Assoc. has good classes to begin with; they train all over the country. Taking classes sponsored labs such as Pro Lab, EMSL are a good idea. They are usually cheap and you learn “something” from every class. The mold business is science based and continually evolving. Important thing is to understand you don’t take a 8 hour class and become a mold “expert”, unfortunenately many do think this.
If you are concerned about certifications for mold consider the AmIAQC, American Indoor Air Quality Council. They require a minimum of 2 years experience to apply and are the only certifications in the country with third party accredidation; by the CESB.
The Only Independently-Accredited Certifications in the IAQ Industry!
Accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards
Testing standards are a must, ESA and IESO both have testing standards; but only IESO standards are approved by ANSI, American National Standards Institude. ESA standards are quite similar to IESO’s.
Lots of companies provide training, if you approach the business with the idea you will be taking other classes too it really doesn’t matter where you start.
Infrared, anyone who does mold inspections without infrared will miss a moisture intrusion sooner or later,
after more than 5,000 mold inspections and thousands of tests we believe that.
Good Luck
Doug Wall, CIE
Radon & Mold Professionals

ESA and Pro-Lab have very good courses. Ben Fontan or Dr. Shane of Pro-Lab are good men to call.