Anyone have a decent method to rubberize flashlights?

Plastidip seems like it wouldn’t work. I have fumbled a few times and surprisingly the ceramic tiles did not break. I don’t want to risk it anymore. Thought about using electric tape but that looks tacky.

Try a wrist band.

You could also create a silicone sleeve with common caulk .

You could use a different flashlight

You could switch to a headlight.

Get a good flashlight instead. Try the Lenser M7R. You won’t be buying another one for quite a while. Mine is 6 or 7 years old now, original battery. Stays right on your hip. Don’t even notice it. 1 handed operation.

Buy it, try it. If you don’t like it, I will buy it from you. Win / Win.

Retractable key chain on belt would be another.

T-Reign if you drop a lot

I use one with my circuit tester. It probably has a several 100K cycles on it by now.

Use a single 16550 powered LED like a Fenix TK that is bright, durable and doesn’t weight a ton. Time to retire those big old Streamlights and Mag Lights.

Are you afraid that your flashlight is going to knock up someone else’s flashlight?

Sorry, I had to do it.

Not sure I could handle a lanyard or retractable. Im considering the silicone idea , at least test it out on part of one of the flashlights I have.

Heck you could get a baggie and tape it up to desired shape plus squeeze it with your hand for a custom grip.

I used to create molds with it all the time.

Do not laugh but if you can get out the wiring you can create a all silicone body and to give you a few ideas just use clay or sand even to make a shape or shoot it between plastic sheets then press in a shape .

It takes over night to harden and some will harden quick if you spray water on it .

I just upgraded from the streamlight Ultrastinger to

HVAC Foam tape.

I was thinking condom. lol

The ones posting here about getting rid of the old stodgy Streamlights are correct. I wouldn’t think a sleeve would be needed if the flashlight was small and light. I have dropped my Nitecore a couple of times on tile and wood floors and have not had an issue.

Hey Linus, I think that’s similar to the Plastidip the OP mentioned. Pretty neat stuff for tool handles.

I’ve had great luck with this one…it focuses the beam so I can get just the right exposure for my pictures. Costs $30. Have dropped it on tile numerous times with no ill effect!