Anyone have an idea what this thing is?

Found this on an inspection today. I have no idea what is it. There is a piece of asbestos fiber board behind the big metal plate… And of course, I don’t have great photos of the whole thing.
The pink/beige part looks like it use to have a dial and those wires lead to a junction box which then go to the big metal plate.

Thanks. Kaitlan

Chromalox is a manufacturer of heaters/immersion heaters.

Can’t find exact product in a catalog.
But if you ever need help identifying get the numbers off the product and ask Google. It’s what I do.
Anything I can do to help educate. Myself included.

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What was directly on the other side/inside of what you took a pic of in your 3rd pic? a wall heater?


Wild stab that the beige box is a timer/controller for some device that was maybe mounted where that galvanized plate is. Hard to tell.

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Thank you for the reply. No there was not, but it makes sense that once there was some sort of heater…

Thank you. I am going to run with your guess on this one…

Now that I look at my photos, that is what I should have done and will try to in the future. Thanks!

Kaitlan, you can recommend your client ask the homeowner, if you want to.

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