Anyone have any kind of experience in Arabian Peninsula countries?

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, or Kuwait? I’m especially interested in talking to someone who has dealt with government officials in these countries, or performed any kind of building inspection there, civilian, military, US government, etc.

Kenton 303-717-8940

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This is difficult enough without turning the thread into a joke with the first reply.

It wasn’t a joke, I still miss my goat.

I trained Saudi aviators and we were briefed by our State Dept on how to deal or work with them. I will call you some time tomorrow or the next day as I will out of the office most of the day.

Lived in Saudi for 6 years

I have a great goat joke, but due to my respect for Kenton, I will leave it alone.

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Thank you James. There are parts of this board where everyone wants to hear jokes and laugh and that’s fine, it’s good to tell jokes and laugh. But sometimes when people see serious threads hijacked like this they don’t want to post because they don’t want to deal with becoming the butt of someone else’s joke. That person might have a crucial bit of knowledge for me or for someone else.

Posts that are inappropriate for a particular forum or thread are detrimental to the message boards. There are forums meant for funny, laid back posts. Why not use them instead of hijacking this thread, guys? I know it’s tempting and I slip them in occasionally too, but hijacking the thread right off the bat? You can see what it has led to. At this point I’ve got a great suggestion about where… well, never mind.

Lastly, after hearing from a number of guys who’ve spent time there recently, I think I’ll leave pursuit of developing an inspection industry in the middle east to someone else.

Kenton, we have a few users in the UAE I can try to hook you up with.

Jimmy, (Mr. Tombe)
Tell us why you left that part of the world and settled in Missouri.:twisted: