Anyone having Nachi email problems?

My email alias is not working and my fast reply attempts are coming back aborted… Can anyone help.


I have been having problems with the Nachi e-mail system for almost a year.

Should of thought it through before I used my alias on Business card.
Live & Learn.

Hi Jeff,

The best thing you can do is getting a web site. It is one of the best marketing tools you will ever have. You will also have an e-mail address that makes you look like a professional.

You will also find that you need to make changes to your business card on a regular basis. Don’t go ordering thousands of them unless you want to through them away.

My NACHI email is down also. This is the first time since I have been a member that it has gone down. I will contact Chris and let him know.

Thanks Greg

I’m working on the Web site, I have the Freebie Nachi gave me “for what its worth”
I thought the “” on the alias was a plus

Hey Jeff,

Spend the money for a real web site. There are a lot of options that are very affordable. It will give you the best ROI of any marketing you do.

Hey Jeff, go here;

Even this Caveman can do it.

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Nick, you are pretty quick to police MB, sorry I did not mean to offend.

Can someone send me the details of what’s happening? Particularly the “bounce back” email that you’re getting? Send it to:


We’re looking into it.


I believe I discovered the problem. It looks like a piece of software that TONS of mail servers are using has a bug that for some reason just turned on last night. I’m working with our server admins to get the appropriate patch installed.


Thanks everyone.
Just sent a test… All appears well

Have a Great year!!