Anyone in SE Florida do A lot of Infrared Stuff?

I just finished Johns course and am wondering who is doing infrared in South East Florida. Just curious to learn as much as possible and looking for camera advice. I may wish to do things other than home inspecting with it and am wondering if anyone is doing anything like that. I am near a few Horse racetracks and in a HUGE marine business area. I know they uses them on horses and I would think there would be many opportunities to use on Yachts and such but do not know for sure. Any sound advice would be greatly appreciated.

Mike , if you did not learn what camera you need in that class, you did not learn anything… Sorry , go get your level 1 and you will know which camera you need for which type of imaging you are going to do. The thermal field is unending. pick one. Building science, electrical, electronics, tank and pipe line inspections. Choose the field first.

Thanks for the very useful and helpful information.

Your welcome, now go get your level 1. Mike my business is going great in infrared. I am starting level 11 the first of the month. No one has ever ask if I was HACHI certified, but I have been turned down because I did not have my level 11. Yes I am Infraspection # 9449 level 1

Do you have ANY training? Heck how long have you been in the home inspection biz?

Several of the large companies I have talked to require a level 11 education to perform their electrical and flat roof inspections for insurance. Some of these jobs are huge and with several of them a year, you can reach 6 figures easy. Education is worth every dime you spend if you use it.

How funny…
I have been around horses my whole life. I would love to see you with a camera running around the shed rows of a race track.
Here’s a hint for you. The horses that have an orange cone in front of their stall, means they love treats and hugs. Plenty to go around for all.

As always anything you say is useless. I am wondering how others are using the technology as I find it interesting and do not even own a camera but I am sure I would rather do just about anything other than home inspecting if I decide to get one. But hey thanks for another asinine useless show you a s s as always comment. You are a great help to us all. I am pretty damn sure I have more knowledge about all living critters in my little pinkie than you do in your whole foolish body. And by the way your dumb a s s in NOT IN SE FLORIDA in case you are lost. How do you ever even inspect anything if you cannot even read a simple forum post. Some things never cease to amaze me :slight_smile:

Mike, go talk to a few marine surveyors…there are plenty of uses…

Mike, Home inspections is just a beginning in the infrared industry. there are so many fields you can apply thermal to, that the list has no end. Every where I go I take my camera, “imager”, and use it just to learn. Every time a customer calls and I take my camera out, I get paid. If you want a future in thermal imaging, get the proper training. I am not condemning Johns course, I am just one of those who want more.

I have a friend who has been a Detroit Diesel mechanic for 36 years and I help him find cooling system problems with infrared. The possibilities are endless. By the way, I have a 100 ton USCG master licenses, I have seen a few Deisels…

Thanks I was thinking their may be some opportunities there and I love being around the water. A lot more than in hot attics :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info John and Eric.

There are a lot of guys doing the surveys, that are worse than some home inspectors. I did a “cursory” inspection on a friends 55 Hatteras and found more wrong than the surveyor did. If I wasn’t going in a different field after I retire, I would go for the high end yacht surveyor gig. A bunch of money to be made and if you like boats, a great career.

That’s cool John. One of the most impressive things I saw while in Florida was the (8) 1800 KW gensets used for HSN in St Pete.

They actually just needed 4. It was a redundant system. Back up for the back up. If I remember right, they were Cats, not Detroits.

I helped rebuild a 16V Detroit back in 1985, which was run out of oil and caught fire inside the block. Not a pretty site.

Sounds awesome Mike, I’m not familiar with IR at all, where can I learn more about the industry. Where is Johns course and it sound a like there are other courses to take? Not trying to hijack your thread just sounds pretty interesting, I’m in Central florida. Thanks

Michael; If I had known about thermal 30 years ago, when I was running crew boats in the Gulf of Mexico I would not be doing home inspections today, it would be thermal pipe and tanks in the oil field.

What exactally does a yacht survey entail? looking for leaks or electrical and do you know anyone or anywhere you could take a course? I figure i’ll like anything more than what I am doing now and I tend to like Boat people and am not fond of “most” used house salesmen types.

Johns course is available .

I liked it and found it very informational. I think it gives you a great place to start for HOME INSPECTING.

I asked him if I needed to print up the course docs and he said no and sounded like I did not need them for the course but when it came time for the course I needed them. I emailed them to my laptop and followed along that way. If I did not know what to do it would have kind of sucked but it was no biggie.

The one thing that would have really pissed me off if I did not win the course was he told me no camera was necessary, BUT then tells us we have to do homework. Again no big deal and nothing hard but YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO A THERMAL CAMERA without doing the very easy sounding homework. You have more than enough time BUT you will not get credit for the course without doing it. IF I PAID and found that out in the middle of the second day i would have been real pissed. I completely understand why he wants us to do it and why we should but I asked if a camera was needed and was told no. “NOT TRUE” at least in my opinion if you want credit for what you do and pay for.

I found it a great way to learn what was needed to do HOME INSPECTIONS with the camera and got some solid advice on other tools needed and accepted practices. I WOULD HIGHLY recommend it to folks who want a low cost way to become certified for doing HOME INSPECTION work with Thermal Cameras. I am actually interested to know if he teaches any other courses about them and will check his site when I get the chance as he was a good presenter and kept you pretty interested.

I did not particularly like the fact that is was AUDIO ONLY but is was convenient for when I had to do other things around the office because I just cranked it up and never missed a thing :slight_smile: Out of my 2 tests I only missed 2 questions total so I figure I paid pretty good attention and John did a good job of letting you know what was really important for the tests. Kind of like the quizes do for many InterNACHI courses.

Another thing to remember is you need “A BUNCH” of other free InterNACHI courses that go with it to get certified. I have quite a bit more work to do and a camera to obtain or borrow before I get certified but I plan on getting it done. I just do not know what I want to do first my continuing ed on my G.C license, HI license or thermographer Cert. I think it will likely be the Thermography stuff while it is still fresh in my mind.

What does that entail and do you know where to learn about it?