Anyone in Wisconsin have a quarter?

**Armoured car spills 32,000 quarters during trip spanning 2 Wisconsin counties **

Fri Aug 3, 5:25 AM

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Imagine the ringing noise of 32,000 quarters hitting the pavement.

An armoured car company reported losing $8,000 in quarters along highways in two Wisconsin counties last month. About half has been returned. “I guess somebody found that and figured it was an early Christmas,” Jefferson County Detective Sgt. Lawrence Lee said.

Eight-hundred dollars of loose quarters was found late last month in the Madison area and $3,200 in Jefferson County the next day.

Loomis Fargo officials told authorities that a truck headed for Madison carrying boxes of quarters broke down in the Pewaukee area, so they sent another one. The load was transferred, but someone forgot to secure the door.

The driver was issued a citation for failure to prevent a leaking load.

A Loomis official declined comment Thursday.

I miss out on the door prizes and still could not find a quarter on the road. I even traveled to Madison on Friday.

How in the hell can an armored guard be that idiotic, to forget to close/lock the damn door to the truck?

If I were his superior, I’d take the lost money out of his pay…


I can send you a Canadian quarter if you’d like, our exchange is almost at par now. Or would you like a Loonie ($1) or Twoonie ($2) coin. Consider it a Daily door prize from me to you.