Anyone inspect a 30' well tower?

I looked at it. Looked for leaks, turned on the water in Casita that it serves. Pump works. Will post a few pics as I find them

yep - seen something like this on a farm - vintage late 1800s. Pumped water up to the cistern on top of the tower where it was distributed to the main farmhouse, workers quarters, stock water trough in the pasture and into the milking parlor - all by gravity. No other pumps anywhere in the system.

Victor, looked at one last week. Off grid home on an island. Gas powered pump lifts water from the lake up into the raised cistern and gravity feeds the home. Works surprisingly well. 25 yrs. old, all timber frame construction, lined galvanized tank.

The main house was built around 1935. Pretty cool. Nightmare to inspect. Lots to looks at/for.

Used to have one on a property I lived on decades ago. I recommend you disclaim the inspection of the tank interior/lining. They can corrode, and be under the water level.

Good call on disclaiming tank.

Got lucky on this inspt. Main house 2 apts ancient garage and the well tower. Buyer decided just on our walk through to not purchase, and asked I not write report. He has hired me inspt a 2nd property. Will discount him a lot for not having to finish this monster of a report. I see why to charge a lot extra for an old house.