Anyone know Gary Irvine in Maryland

On facebook he’s a Master Certified Inspector, and on his website, he’s a CMI, logo and everything. I looked on the CMI page, and no listing there. No listing on inspectorseek either. e did graduate the AHIT Certified Master Inspector Course per LinkedIn. Tetra Home Inspection LLC.

If his name is not listed at the CMI website he’s an imposter, not a CMI.

Forward to Nick, maybe he’ll do something about it.

Yup, I cannot find him anywhere ion the CMI site. This kind of crap pisses me off. Nick really need to do something about these imposters. They diminish the credibility and validity of a Real CMI and if they suck they can really hurt the CMI status and reputation.

OK, I just called this douche bag and pretended I was they typical client shopping around. I asked him what this Certified master inspector was, he stumbled and side stepped then said he paid more for his education and that made him a master inspector.

NICK ??? any help you can give the real CMI’s with these imposters?


Based on previous history I wouldn’t count on it Jim. I’ve seen dozens of similar post about CMI impostors, many of the post said they had contacted Nick by email, and nothing was ever done about it, that I’m aware of.

Yeah Chris, I have heard the same thing from a few peeps here. But you know me, I will give it my best shot, and try to see if anything c will get done and if NO then why?


I’m with you Jim. I think it’s a crock for many of us that “earned” and payed good money for the CMI designation, only to realize we could have just copied and paste a logo.