Anyone know how to increase the font size on a MAC?

I’m getting old and can’t read this fine print.

Bigger monitor or magnifying glass;-)

or try this:

That doesn’t change the font on this message board though. The font on this message board is really small on my computer and I can’t figure out a way to increase it.

If I hit Command +, it increases, but doesn’t hold when I switch to a new thread or page on the message board.

Font is fine on a PC.

But my MAC’ Command + function oddly only holds until I move to a new page.

If you are using safari, click on the top left safari, go to preferences, and on the appearance tab click select next to standard font. That should give you a window to change the font size. Hope that helps.

I’m on Firefox.

As I always say… Apple should make computer cases for their MACs that include a side pocket big enough for a laptop PC.

In firefox it is under, firefox preferences content, and then click on advanced on fonts and colors.

What you are trying to do is change the browser settings, not the computer settings.

That works but not for the message board. The message board keeps reverting back to tiny font as soon as I refresh or change pages.


Who makes a computer that requires you to increase the font with every page change? Ridiculous.

There is a reason Bill Gates is the richest man in the world… he deserves to be.

let me ask my wife she knows everything- rofl

Check you browser options Nick. It should be in there somewhere.

Read this:

What’s a MAC? :stuck_out_tongue:

You got it :slight_smile:


I prefer…

Be nice Jeff. :wink:

I might buy a mac some day.

I though I was safe as this thread wasn’t “complimentary”! :wink:

I gave up and called in the calvary (IT Dept). They fixed it in 30 seconds.

I had changed the font in preferences, but that didn’t do it. They went into Advanced and changed the minimum font size to 16.

Why, if I changed the font size, I also have to change the minimum font size is beyond me, but it works now. Thanks guys.

A little inside joke. I love it. lol…lol…lol…lol