Anyone know how to tell the age JRJ HVAC?

Anyone know how to tell the age of JRJ Unit?

Call them: Phone: [717-941-1180]

Without knowing anything about JRJ, I’d take a wild guess and say it was manufactured in 2007. But like Randy suggested, I’d call them…

If @jfudge cannot help you, nobody can!


Stumped on this one so far. :slight_smile:


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It looks like JRJ Manufacturing LLC has only been in existence since 2018 (JRJ Manufacturing LLC :: Pennsylvania (US) :: OpenCorporates and,-LLC-717-941-1180). Based on that and the digits on the serial number, I’d say the equipment was likely manufactured in 2018. But, yes, call them to be certain.

Manufactured March 17, 2020.

Junior … AM or PM ??