Anyone know if first-class U.S. postage going up?

I thought they were trying to get a price increase.

I like to buy a zillion of those forever stamps just before they do. Better investment than the stock market.

What I found:

These Forever stamps are a better hedge against inflation than gold is IMHO.

The post office over paid their pension fund by about 30 Billion dollars, they are eight Billion in the hole. Republicans in congress will not approve the pension fund being corrected. The Post office is the only business or government office that is forced by congress to set aside pension funds something like 75 years in advance. The congress back in the 80’s took a bunch of the money out of the pension fund to use somewhere else, not related to the Post Office. So now the Post Office wants to lay off over 100,00 workers and we will lose Saturday pickup and delivery, if something does not happen. Sad but true.

Do we really need 6 day a week postal serve?

Not in my opinion.

Cut is back to 3 days a week.

I do. If I get my mold samples in the mail by Friday, my Indrustrial Hygenist will have them done by Sunday night. FedEX wants an extra $50.00 to do this.

To bad. If you want fast service pay what it actually costs.:shock:

That cost will actually will be the consumer’s cost, not mine. I thought you was all for not imposing a tax on anyone. Oh, that is right! You are only against taxing the rich man.

paying the real cost of a service provided is not a tax meatbnall.:roll:

It is an unnecessary cost to the consumer that can be avoided. According to the Republicans that is a tax.


But no one s surprised.

You and Keith seldom get it right. :wink:

There is no free lunch my friend.