Anyone Know what This Is ???

I found this in an Attic today.
Was installed on 14 Romex Wire In-Line.
I could not trace the circuit as the cable left a Junction at the Gable End Wall and passed down thru a top plate of a wall below.
I think it is some type of inline Fused Link but not sure.

Markings on one side are printed UL and the word AMP
On the Other side is imprinted 300 volt 20 amp
and use 14 wire only…

My concern is that on the one side are 3 Exposed Connectors.


Looks like a splice for heat cable to me ,and a piece is missing .
Was it hot or dead … Roy

20 amps is a little much for #14 wire

IIRC Tyco or AMP make these. They are a listed splice kit instead of using junction boxes.

Lead was Hot.
Is this a splice to tie in a Heat Trace Cable?

What is the Purpose of the Exposed leads?

This is what i thought it was.[090123].pdf

You may have it.
There used to be a Gable Mounted fan.
was removed to install a Roof Top Fan.
This type of splice on a live line to Service a Former Fan?

Jim is right on…that is exactly what it is. However, it is missing the bottom plate that is to cover the connections WHEN the additional splice attachment is not used. In this case if those connections on the bottom are LIVE…then they need to cover it ( If you only see one I would not have a problem with them rubber taping it and so on…not the end of the world but it is missing another piece to the connector which was designed to splice off of it.

But I did not read everyones post ( getting lazy ) but if it is 14 AWG and it is being protected by a 20A OCPD…then go ahead and LIST AWAY as that would be a problem they need to address …at that point fix the whole thing is what I would do but thats me…I am getting SOFT since moving to Alexandria VA as the Code Supervisor…man I am not as strict as i used to be…GEEESSSHHH

Interesting site. I think Tyco needs to stick with making toy trucks.
It seems they are marketing this item saying, it is Ok to use this splice in a concealed location ( no access ). There is a picture where it would appear this connection would be buried in the wall… If so…not good.

I see these a lot in manufactured/modular homes splicing the wiring of the sections together.