Anyone know when Trane bought out GE?

Inspected a home today that had a GE Weathertron Heat pump on it. This was an old unit and I could not read the manufactors label. So I cna not tell the model number or serial number. Just trying to get an idea of how old the unit may be.

1982 according to

Thanks Michael. I booked marked that page.

Not that I ever do the “how old is this” game, but in this case it is safe to say that that unit has had a full life.

Your welcome…now, if I just had some chicken enchiladas with a fried egg on top from La Postain Old Mesilla and some Hatch green chiles I’d be a happy boy :D. Oh… and some Chile Pecans from Stahmann’s…good stuff!!

I have a whole bunch of Hatch chilis in my freezer. I buy 100 pounds of Joe Parkers (chili type) every August. Yum Yum.

Now that’s what I’m making for lunch tomorrow–chicken enchiladas with chile salsa from my very own garden (all ingredients) and chile, onion, maiz, and red bean salad.

Oh man…now we’re talking…

We grow ours–about seven or eight different kinds of chile.

The mexican roofers that re-roof our house this week got about 5-6 pounds of (warm-hot) peppers out of there–

–we still had to pay for the roof.