Anyone knows what these stains are?

On inspection of 25 years old house today I noticed some discoloration on the siding. It looks like someone tried to sprayfoam it but the colour is puzzling. Anyone has any idea of what they are? :roll:

Stained siding (Small).jpg

Rotted window trim (Small).jpg

Stains (Small).jpg

was the lawn recently hydro-seeded? The color is similar to that and it may be overspray. just a guess…

Looks like someone threw something at the building

My thought also…

Reminds me of the ‘blue’ ‘marine’ wheel bearing grease !!!

Boat owner ? Kids get into dads’ workshop?

Clearly, a member of the Blue Man Group had a…well, let’s just say…an ‘accident’ there in the middle photo.

One has to wonder what he was looking at !?! :twisted:

(PS…Youre sick) :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I does appear that an oil type stain remains on the siding, the other stuff looks like some sort of fungus or bio matter, did someone egg the house??

The easter bunny done it.

Copper Sulphite?

It looks to me also that something was thrown at the buidling. You can even see the dent in the siding where it hit. It does’nt look to me like hyro-seeding or copper sulphite mainly from the appearance of the stains on the upper siding. I’ll bet the kids know what it is.

The funny thing is that these pictures were taken from the rear of the building, that can be accessed only through the house itself. :roll:

Check to see if there has been bees here. I did an inspection where I found similar bluish liquid and was told by the seller that there was a bee nest near the mysterious stain (bee poison?)

My first inclination would be paint balls, if that’s not some kind of fungal growth