Anyone near Shawnee Mission Kansas?

My son might be needing a home inspection.

Hi there,

I would strongly recommend either Paul Sabados or Dan Bowers in that area:

Both have been inspecting since god wore short trousers.



Good one Gerry. I agree both would be outstanding and both have been inspecting since Mobey Dick was a minnow.

Double Regards


inspecting since before dirt

Thanks, I appreciate it.
Looks like maybe he is having second thoughts about THAT house now.

I agree those are great choices. I would also highly recommend Kyle Davey who has been in business since 2003. So he is fairly new but does excellent work.

I’ll do it for you, I have family there - and I need an excuse to go… :cool:

You charge travel time? :slight_smile:

Turns out it wasn’t a very good deal at all as it was way over priced.
The realtor would not even ask the owner if he would consider less, he said “I know he won’t”
I told my son to keep looking.

Thanks again !

They probably share the same office.:wink:

I just wanted to say thank you again for the recommendation
Different realtor - different house.

We had Stacey Van Houtan from Holmes Inspection Co. do the job and are extremely happy and impressed by his expertise and knowledge.

He’s not too bad for one of these unlicensed guys.:wink:

Well, he’s Dans partner, so he shouldn’t be too bad…:wink: :smiley: :smiley: