Anyone need help In Jacksonville Beach or surrounding area?

I know of a great young man that just graduated high school in the area and he really needs a job.

He would make an excellent apprentice or helper and he is not afraid of hard work. If you do not have anything but know someone that could use a great hard worker please contact me. This young man has not had many breaks and could really use a break.

Please help if you can and if you cannot please send anyone who you may think can give him a job my info and I will get him in touch with you or them.

Thanks in advance to any and all who may be able to help.

Great opportunity for someone out there to pay it forward. Maybe someone had faith in you once and helped you get started? This could be your chance to do the same.

I think he would even consider work outside of the U.S. if he could make a living.

I recommend a visit to the local Armed Forces Recruiting office. It’s a great place to start.

More info on him:

Max is Multi lingual, Chinese, ASL, Spanish and English. He was on congressional honor role 8 years…Has acted in 2 movies, celestine Prophecy. and Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto and Modeled for City Trends.

He also has his own truck.