Anyone offering VOC testing

I have gotten a couple request lately for VOC testing as part of an IAQ screening. Anyone doing anything like this? Where did you get certified and what labs do you use? What exactly are the labs test for in the samples?


I get advertisements for VOC equipment rentals from


VOCs where? In water?

Funny…I was just looking at the equipment they have in their online catalog last night. I might be switching to them as a lab after I get some more info on them. I like that they have mostly all of their sampling protocols already difined in print.

Air sampling for IAQ…but I was looking for laboratory confrimation though.

They do my Formaldehyde analyzing. They only lost my samples twice, but as soon as I call them they find them that same day. Other inspectors tell me that it is common with big labs. I will probably stay with them. They got good customer service. But I am always trying different labs.


PM me and I’ll give you a great contact number to get started with.