Anyone perform an inspection for ReloOlogy?

Has anyone worked with the company ReloOlogy? They called me to perform an emergency inspection. Any opinions?

The way I look at it is… If they are willing to sign a contract then I’m willing to do the inspection, but I won’t release the report till I’m paid in full. Easy-peasy.

Get us the inspection quickly and we’ll pay you…honest.

Signed agreement, payment up front and THEN I’ll send you the report.

Emergency LOL, :rofl: :joy:

I have worked for them multiple times and they pay timely and more than the other relocation companies, they also pay extra for sprinkler inspections, etc…

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Maybe I spoke too soon.

The one and only time I was burned for the $, it was a relocation company having an emergency. :thinking:

Good luck, Steven! :smile:

Come on around more, Robert. A year is a long time.

I’m one of those lurkers, I read a lot of the topics and find some of it very useful, but not a big commenter unless I have something of substance to add.

I’ve worked for them for a few years, they pay within a reasonable time, they have there own inspection paperwork work on line template. It’s okay but I prefer Home Gauge. I’ve never waited longer than 2 weeks to get a check because they can’t do direct deposit for Canada.

I’ve done at least 50. They are a good company to work for and I’ve never had an issue being paid. I eventually stopped doing inspections for them. I typically do two inspections a day. When I do a Relo inspection, it takes me all day to do the one. You have to take hundreds of pictures to document everything and each picture has to be captioned. Their software is more time consuming than using my own software.
The bottom line: If you are looking to fill in you schedule with more inspections–go for it.

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Im with Alan. They have their own way they want the report. Its very time consuming. They also kept asking me to document things that are not in the SOP.

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Thanks to everyone for your replies. They helped me tremendously in my comfort factor in beginning to work with them.
I do have one additional question: They want me to support a Radon test where they simply provide the test devices for me to place and retrieve. Is there a hidden risk for me as long as I clearly state that I am not performing the test but simply placing devices?

Steve are you certified to place and retrieve CRM devices? If not, I would advise you to not do the radon testing for them. If you are certified then no problem. Check your State regulatory requirements before you proceed.
I have done 2 inspections for ReloOlogy and am happy with how easy they are to work with and have found they are willing to work with you on pay. They asked me to do a job recently that was an hour away and they adjusted the fees to account for the multiple trips I would be making to pick up my radon equipment.

Tom, I assume I’m not certified to place and retrieve CRM devices since I don’t even know what you mean by “CRM devices”. What does CRM stand for? I’ll check with New Mexico State regulatory folks - thanks for the heads up.

CRM is continuous radon monitor. ReloOlogy will only use CRM’s. You will need to be certified by an organization like National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) before you can become state certified. Good luck.

I have followed your advise and have contacted the state Radon program office and the NRPP - I’m awaiting their response. In the mean time, what ReloOlogy is asking of me it to place two E-Perm (Electret Ion Chambers) in the home, open them to start the test, come back after about 4 days, close them and send them directly to a test lab in a pre-paid, pre-addressed Fed X mailer. Since these are not Continuous Radon Monitors do you think the certification is still required? By the way, I think I will go through the certification process and add it to my inspection services.


The certification process is difficult and lengthy but worthwhile. Best of luck in your business.