Anyone recently recieve their new InterNACHI photo ID card in the mail?

Kenton got his yesterday.
I got mine today.

I was wondering if only staffers got them or did other members get theirs too.

I have not:(

I received one about 6 (?) months ago. Is this one different, new & improved?

Well, keep me posted. The whole thing is now pretty much automated from and I’m trying to make sure it works.

I got mine last Monday.

Cool. This machine is huge and should be able to keep up now.

Thanks Nick,
Many members do not realize all of the “bennies” that you / NACHI provides for $289.00 per year.

Keep up the Great Work! :smiley:

I didn’t get one as of yet

I have a old one do we have to update them every year?

Just submitted. Bee using the old one since 2004.

Thanks for the update.

I have an old one also. Could use a new one.
Thanks Inachi one more time. :slight_smile:

Got mine Tuesday.

I received mine this past Sat.


I received mine, I keep in a lanierd along with a stack of business cards. It is very authoritative.

I didn’t get one

Didn’t get one here yet.

I’ve just tried to request one for the second time in 3 months. I have not received mine, so I just put in a new photo and not sure what the issue is. Let me know, thanks.

For those of you waiting for one who didn’t order one… you’ve got a long wait. You have to order here:

It is free.

Yes sir received mine Tuesday! It looks GREAT!!!

Got mine last Friday.