Anyone recently recieve their new InterNACHI photo ID card in the mail?

Thanks, I received mine some time ago.

I applied for my (old?) card back in October, then again in December, and am still waiting to receive it. Looks like I’d better apply for one if the new cards

Got mine last week.

Got mine last Wednesday thanks:D

I never received mine! I ordered it last year.

Got my new one last week of week before. Took no time at all.
My old one was wore out. :slight_smile:

I got mine a week or so ago.

I got mine about 2 weeks ago. Looks nice. thanks

I got mine about a month ago and it looks great, especially the inspector…


We have ID’s ?

Got mine the other day.

I got mine two weeks ago. Made me feel important. Thanks Nick!

No, but I did follow the link and update mine. I will keep you posted

Got it thanks.