Anyone see the movie "America?"

Not yet.

I saw Dinesh’s “2016: Obama’s America” and much of what he predicted is happening before our eyes.

Yep. He predicted Obama would double the national debt, that the federal government would grow, and that our actions would increase terrorism. All three came true.

No surprise there. I think watching the movie would cause my head to explode. I can’t stand what’s happening to our Country.

It hasn’t been “our” country for quite a while! :frowning:

I have no time for movies the buy back program has kept me to busy plus the time I spend harassing Jonas :D:D:D:D


I am also on the buy back program, but haven’t been sure exactly how to market this to Realtors. Any specific suggestions would be appreciated. I have read the posts showing the rollout ect…

Seriously? A little off topic.

Really Frank? It seemed the topic was the Movie “America”…had people seen it. Charley has said he hadn’t because he was too busy with the buyback program. Since he brought that up, and since a few on here are actually interested in their businesses, I thought it would be appropriate to ask a follow-up questions related to why he is so busy with the buy back program.

Regarding the movie, I have watched interviews about it with D’Souza, but haven’t seen it because I live 4 miles from the end of the earth.

Fine. It’s your world. I’m just living in it.

Sorry Walt I did not see your post I market the buy back just like I did when I started my IR I (take it to them) office presentations, one on one it makes no difference hold a mirror in front of their nose and if they are breathing start talking!!! I also purchased the (Now you have had a Home Inspection) book and printed off the Press Release for the buy back. I have numerous Realtors giving this book and the press release out at their open houses with my business card stapled to the book I also tell the realtors to staple their business card on the book it gives them motivation to pass out the books and your business card.

Question??? Who comes to open houses Answer!!! Buyers :shock:

BTW everytime I write a report there is a small section in the summary about how I included the home in the buy back program and how it works. (word of mouth) also helps your marketing and its free

I don’t watch movies either I live in the middle of a cow pasture there are more cows living near me than there are people and I still have a business that supports my family :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions Charley. You highlight your expertise well on your websites.

More BS that you’re spreading Nick, and why am I not surprised some others here just pile on rather than call you out? Obviously, like you, they are either uninformed or mis-informed.

Point 1:

The national debt has not doubled, also you forgot to mention that Bush started 2 wars & signed into law medicare part D - ALL UNPAID FOR DURING HIS TENURE.

Who do you think is now paying for all that?

Point 2:

The US Government has not grown but has actually shrank.

Point 3:

How many times has our Homeland been successfully attacked by terrorists?
Under Obama -
Under Bush -

Not to mention Obama took over an economy that was in free fall. Did you forget about that too?

Now all you RW sheeple go watch your propaganda movies and be sure to report back. :roll:[/size]

The right took lessons off Micheal Moore lol

And from Forbes “However, during Obama’s first term, the population increased by 3.0% while the number of government employees fell by 7%. This is the reason for the decline in the GE/P Ratio shown above.”
Both sides can quote stats to support their claims, but just look around. Are we better off in the last 6 years? How’s ObumbleCare working for you? Isn’t it just great that the “President” encourages illegal immigration? Holder is above the law. The IRS is corrupted with impunity. Just look abound and quit watching MSNBC and CNN. You should probably go see America.[/size]

I aim to see this documentary and like Michael Moore documentaries I fully expect it to be some facts, some hyperbole and have it be loaded with emotional triggers like any good movie.

Movies if well done convince people to agree with the movies content. I take it all with a grain of salt, after all, its only a movie.

Seriously Kevin?

Obama’s term still has still has 2 years and 5 months to run.

Looks like he has a pretty good shot at making that double, eh?

I’d saying calling it a double is going to prove to be extrememly close as from as predictions go.

Wake up.

Why do leftist hang on to supporting this failed president?

Most conservatives had major disagreements with Bush including Medicare part D.

Did Obama fix it when he has the chance? No, he didn’t even try.

He doubled down with Obamacare and more crazy *** spending.

The reductions in federal employees has all been due to the shrinking of the military which began long before Obama. No no soup for him.[/size]

**The ****TRUTH **why Charley has seen an increase in business lately! (And the “Buy Back” program will be exempt to his clients)!!!