Anyone see this before

SuperStor water tank, cover looked like it had melted off the tank.
Talked to HTPs tech support and they say it’s happened before and they will replace it.
Plenty of hot water.

Mistretta 044 (Small).JPG

Mistretta 044 (Small).JPG

Mistretta 044 (Small).JPG

Mistretta 047 (Small).JPG

Mistretta 055 (Small).JPG

Sunlight through the window perhaps.

That must be some tremendously hot sunlight way up in NH, Michael!

I have never seen that brand or type of water heater in Port St. Lucie, FL. Is it an old, discontinued brand or type?

I’m in WI;-)

If it will melt siding why not a plastic jacket on a water heater?


Not sure what did it but the MFG said they’ve had this problem before and will replace the jacket.

This is a Super Stor hot water storage tank off the boiler. It’s made by HTP Products in Mass.

Thanks, Peter. We do not use boilers here in Port St. Lucie, Southeast Florida, which is why I have not seen that tank before.

Don’t forget the low angle of the sun the further north you go! Will have direct as opposed to reflected rays. Big difference!

(Hey Mikey, he meant the location of the WH pictured is in NH not WI).