Anyone seen one of these? ScaleRID by EdenPUR

On a recent inspection, I came across this gizmo, and wondered how this rube worked?
The sellers had no idea, but the LEDs were dancing all around as water is run through their main pipe…
I couldn’t see anything that actually went INTO the water, just wire coils wrapped around the copper piping.
If anyone knows anything about this thing, I’d like to know more about it, before commenting on it.

See them from time to time, but have no first hand experience using them. IMHO… akin to snake oil!…/20…

My thought is that it is another gimmick…:shock:

The same way tin foil hats do.

thats what I was thinking, but I thought I’d ask…thanks for the website link.

I saw one similar about a month ago. The homeowner claimed it was supposed to reduce mineral deposits using some kind of electric waveform.

Sounded like malarkey to me. Since it wasn’t directly hooked to any plumbing, I just left it out of the report.

We have a scale shield filter on our tankless water heater but have never seen one of those electronic gizmos.

thanks for all the info guys,