Anyone seen this shingle before? Poor install to boot

Must have been margarita day when that work was done. LOL. OR maybe the roofer had a side gig making shine and “sampled” the previous nights batch one too many times…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:

These have been used mostly on large roof expanses in the commercial industry. I have installed them many years ago when I was a young roofing contractor. The granules are very course. If this is new construction, they and the roof sheathing need some serious help/attention!!

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Good place for termites to enter (weeps and flashing below grade) the structure unobserved!!

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I believe a heavy drinker did this , and it’s not racked it’s wrecked.


Polyurea Coating is an effective method to waterproof the building which will help in reduction in maintenance cost.