Anyone update to windows 8 yet

Just wondering if anyone has updated from 7 to 8 yet

Yeah looks cool like a giant smart phone .
Curious myself as my desktop is on Vista from 2009.
Time to change up soon.

I have 7 now and i have the 15 dollar update offer i was just wondering if there is any benefit

It is geared towards touch screens from my understanding .
Has many pinch zoom options .

If using a regular PC I would stay tight.

H.P just sent me this 2 minutes ago…

Yeah Jeff the cnet reminds to warn about not buying yet as the RT is just a basic tablet and not actually the windows 8 not being released yet.

I’ve been running it for a few weeks. It’s okay but I think most of you guys will throw your computers through the wall. Quite a few things are hard to find now as they’re buried. They tried to make things really easy and did a really bad job at it. I wouldn’t recommend rushing out to upgrade but if it’s on a new computer you’ll live.

Use Windows 8 RT is like a big phone. It will NOT run Home Inspector Pro, HomeGauge, PalmTech, etc.


I have been reading about eight i think ill wait . LOL almost rhymes

I concur! :wink:

I’d check it out on an ASUS Transformer but it’s nothing special. Just a bunch of hype.