Anyone use InspectIt?

I looked at this software, and it looks rather inviting. Appears to have alot of powerful features, at a great price.

Any feedback or reviews from anyone who has tried it, or uses it, or has tried the demo?

Thanks in advance for the info.

Nobody uses this?

I have used it since 1999. It is easy to work with and produces a good report. Just like any software it takes time to become familiar with how things work. With the PDA I can write my reports in about 15 minutes.

Thanks for the info Greg. What kind of PDA do you use? Do you do all the core stuff on the PDA, and then add the pics and such on the home comp?

Also, when are you guys doing more training? We are interested.

Hi David,

I use a Palm T3. I check off all of the data in the field then go home and hot sync. Then I just edit as needed and add the pics. It works great. When I started in the business there were not a lot of choices for software. That is why I went with Report Plus. Even today I think that the report is just as good as any other on the market and you can’t beat the price. If you get it sign up for some of their conference call training sessions they really helped me a great deal even after using it for about 4 years.

I would love to be able to come back to my birth state for some training. Last time that I was in Charleston they were just starting to build the first interstate. I am planning my stops for the rest of this year now.

I also use the inspect it program. When I first started out, I looked at the 3D reports and inspect u view or something like that and I went with the inspect it. Glad I did. I use the Palm Tungsten in the field and write reports inside of 30 min. usually. Unless it is a big POS, then I add picture with wording at the bottom. They have a lot of good features and I strongly recommend the $5.00 or $15 a month for tech support just in case there is something wrong. Thank God nothing has gone terribly wrong (knock on wood) with mine.

I use to use Inspect It, and had bought the option of unlimited downloads. Then they broke their promise and wanted more money to essentially gain access to more downloads. I was not impressed to say the least as I feel they did not live up to their contractual terms. The InspectIt software (earlier versions) in my opinion were better then the current version. With the earlier version I found it to be more fine tuneable. The current version isn’t as tuneable, but maybe they have changed that, I don’t know.

I have never had that problem with them wanting more money to download. I did have a problem with not being able to download but a phone call took care of that.

When we had the hurricanes in 04 I lost my computer and needed a disk so that I could install it on my new computer. They gave me the newer version for free. i thought that was really nice of them considering that they were not obligated to do so.


I think I originally paid $200, then last year I could no longer download. When I called they said it would cost an additional $120-150. I was not impressed and have not renewed. As far as I was concerned a deal is a deal. I also did not use Inspectit for everyday inspections, only inspections where the client did not attend.

Has anyone upgraded/used the AHIT InspectIt software for ios/android? I was entertaining an upgrade to an iPad (from a windows based laptop), but can’t get a straight answer on being able to print when on the road/in a house with no wifi. Currently I connect to my mobile printer via usb cable, but Apple says that is not possible. Has anyone tethered from their iPhone to create a wireless connection for airprint when you don’t have access to wifi?

I currently take my laptop/printer with me and issue a hard copy of the report on-site/at the time of inspection to my clients so that is why mobile printing is important. Also, with Apple it doesn’t seem like you can use a camera other than your iPhone? You can’t zoom with an iPhone so seems like that would be an issue as well??

Upgrading my technology will be a significant $$ investment so interested to hear if anyone is using this software and what they think.

Thanks for your feedback!

Use Home Inspector Pro.
Way better as most migrate from AHIT’S

Do not use AHIT. Go with HomeGauge, HIP, ReportHost. If you search the forum you will find posts about AHIT’s InspectIt. And just an FYI on issuing paper reports on location, if that is a common business practice in your area, then by all means keep doing it, but most are making it less and less common to do so. The time, hassle, and printer ink eating into overhead, when we can now email pdf’s and host reports online in secure sites makes this more and more archaic. We now have the tech to do full reports on our cell phones, heck Bob is doing them right on the camera, if we wish, why lug a huge printer, invest money in an air device to get it from phone to paper, when you can just email the thing right there if you choose.

Yes, Home Gauge, can be used with ipad, and air print works well with hp.
I understand HIP is now available for Ipad too.

I’m not aware of an ipad app for Homegauge as of yet…I know HIP is.


Eragorn, Home Inspector Pro and Palm Tech are the main two programs with iPad. HomeGauge does not have one.

Another reminder to you all the ReportHost works on any/all devices with a modern browser. Use whatever you like or have handy! And switch between devices all you want as well.

Do not purchase the cloud based version. I can’t speak to the pre-cloud-based version, but the cloud based version is extremely difficult to use. There is very poor documentation of the report generating process and, in particular, of the interaction of the PC website with your remote device. I’ve spent literally hours on the phone with tech support or waiting for a callback from them. Future revisions may address the many issues with InspectIt, but I cannot recommend it, especially if you are new to cloud based software or cloud computing. After wasting 2 weeks I have asked for a full refund and am looking for new software.

Not a good sign. What state are you from Paul ?

I was wondering if anyone has used InspectIt recently. This thread is quite old and I figured there have probably been several updates to the software. From what I can see it looks really nice and clean. I downloaded the demo and it looks very modern and professional.

Thanks in advance,

I am having problems with ahit, looking for new software