Anyone use InspectIt?

(Mark A. Thiell, #32429) #21

I am, like the format but software problems exist

(Jeffrey R. Knight) #22

What state are you in ?

(William "Buddy" Reily) #23

anyone using Inspectit? i dont think the report cover page is very customizable but i am wondering if anyone has figured out how to fully customize it. any help would be appreciated.

(Hinton Vick, 22810) #24

I currently use InspectIt on my I-pad, I am under a year into Inspection but still find it very useful. A few have mentioned syncing to a palm tech. I am not familiar with this. If time permits can someone elaborate on that and which one works with inspectit

(Tom Ross) #25

I use InspectIt software and it’s very easy to use.