Anyone Use the Flir TG165>

I’ve been doing some research thinking about dipping my toes into the Thermal Imaging services.

I see that Flir has a camera with an attractive price. It’s the Flir TG165.

Just wondering if any of y’all use it and if so, is this a good entry level camera? Pros and cons?


It is NOT an IR Camera… it IS an IR Thermometer!

Thermal Imaging is not something you “dip your toes in…”

As your neighbor Charlie B.

That is not a bad toy it might get you into a court room across the table from me:p;-)

A lot depends on what you want to use it for.

For HI I would say you need at least a Flir E6. It will become one of your most valuable tools once you get some training and learn what you are looking at.

I just found a roof leak last week that had no visible evidence. I would have never caught it without the camera.

Greg I have been at the IR thingy as long as most on this forum and to be truthful looking back before IR it scares the crap out of me thinking about what I missed in my early years without IR. I don’t buy cheap training and I don’t buy cheap cameras my training cost and camera cost have been paid 10 fold. I bought all the camera I could afford and just kept upgrading as I could afford more. I did the same with my training. Infraspection Institute has been my savior.

Thanks Greg for the info. I’ll take a look at that one as well. If I remember correctly, that’s one of the ones that had a lot of good reviews.